Hi. We're ChoreSeek.

At ChoreSeek, we want to change the way people connect to get things done. We realized that the process of finding someone to do something that you need done is flawed. People who need things done have a heck of a time finding the right people to do those things for them. Requesting recommendations on social media, calling around to suppliers for quotes and waiting on return phone calls, emailing providers and hoping your message gets returned… These all take more time and effort than they should.

And for those who have the skillsets and available time to do things, finding someone that needs their help was even harder!

Choreseek is here to fix that. Our mission is to change the way individuals and businesses interact in the marketplace. We want to make it as easy as possible for homeowners and business owners to make the perfect match with service providers, and - conversely - for service providers to find the homeowners and business owners that are looking for their services right now.

Our users have instant access to potential employers and service providers, with full profiles as well as ratings, reviews and a secure payment system that ensures every job is done right. Our platform can even help entrepreneurs take their business to the next level by providing unparalleled access to local work opportunities.

ChoreSeek is the perfect solution to connecting people who want to work with people who need work done.

How It Works
Looking for Work?
Sign up and create a profile, and then search through our database of work projects just waiting for you to take them on!
Need Help Getting Things Done?
Sign up and create a profile, and then post your jobs for bidding. Our users will bid on your work and you select the one that’s the best fit for you!
No Job's Too Small. Or Too Big.
From landscaping to bookkeeping, we match workers with jobs. For larger companies looking for longer-term positions, please reach out to us. We can help you fill your needs for a fraction of temp agency pricing.
Get In Touch With Us
We love hearing from our users, whether it’s just to say hi or to let us know how we can improve our service. Our goal is, and always will be to make your life easier. Reach out and let us know how we can do that!